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Hi, I'm Lauren! I'm a wife and puppy mama to two fur babies. I started Basic Babe a year ago as a blog and my outlet to share my personal style. As my blog grew, I knew I wanted to create an online shop for the woman like me. A woman who want versatile pieces that they can wear every day. A woman who want quality pieces without breaking the bank (cause I know I love to shop)! And a woman who wants to look effortless and feel beautiful. That's why Shop Basic Babe was created.

I knew I wanted to create a shop for the woman who loves easy pieces. Pieces that can be paired endlessly and that are effortless. I've always believed in effortless fashion that is classy and makes a woman feel good. And that's what Basic Babe is about. Being effortless, classy and having pieces that make you feel your best! So the husband and I took the plunge and decided to start our own online shop in late 2017.

I want Basic Babe to be a place to inspire all women. I want all women to know that they are enough and style should be an extension of their worth already, not define their worth. Clothes don't make you who you are. But, they tell a story of who you are. And that's why I started Basic Babe. For women like you and me. An everyday woman who not only want to feel beautiful in what they wear but to feel inspired and motivated by what they wear too.

That's Basic Babe.

Romans 1:16